Saturday, September 22, 2012

Sennheiser HD 202: No Apology

I've long been dissatisfied with bud headphones. They either don't fit in your ear well, or they fit so snugly that you can suddenly hear every physiological shift within your body. They usually only last me a few months at best, and sometimes much, much less than that. Also, they're bad for your hearing. Because they don't block out external sound, you have to turn them up higher when you're around traffic noise to compensate.

Plus, I just haven't been satisfied with the frequency response of any of the buds I've bought. They're either lacking in bass or high frequency detail. (This is also bad for your hearing.) Granted, I've never spent more than about $20 on buds, but why would I if they don't last?

Enter the Sennheiser HD 202. I've been using these headphones for over a year at work, and I've always loved them. Great sound, and they're pretty comfortable. (That's another thing about buds—they really heart my ear after about an hour.) Based on just my longterm use of these headphones, I would happily pay $80 for them if I were the kind of person who spent $80 on headphones. So the other day I decided to Google the price of these cans. About $24. Twenty-four dollars. That's cheaper than any of the terrible headphones Apple puts out. WAY cheaper. I mean, I'm writing this on a MacBook, but the only thing keeping those terrible buds on the market is Apple's monopoly on tech mystique. Their standard headphones are $30, and the slightly-better-than-abysmal version is a full eighty dollars.

I asked one of my friends to listen to a song with his Apple headphones and then blast that same song through the Sennheisers. When he was done, his only response was, "How did they fit a subwoofer in there?" Exactly. I've been listening to Dvorak, Bizet, the Beatles, Jack White, and it all sounds amazing. "A Step Too Far" from Elton John's Aida concept album just came on. This song has never sounded so good, not even on my Bose speakers that cost five times as much. The detail guys, the detail. I'm hearing all kinds of stuff I just never knew was there.

So although I don't want to look like That Guy walking around with the idiotic, hipster cans on his head, I don't care. I love music, and my music sounds unquestionably better in these cheaper, better, more durable, more comfortable headphones.

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  1. I've used Sony MDR - V6 for a few years now. They ran me about $50, but they have been worth it and more. Esp with the softer songs, I'll pick up all kinds of sounds that make it better.