Monday, September 10, 2012

If I Were a Campaign Adviser, or "I'm Already Over This Election"

If I were Obama's campaign adviser, I would hammer into the American people's mind this question: Do we really want to go back to the party that created this recession? Dubya inherited one of the biggest economic booms in the history of the world, and after eight years he left the world in economic meltdown.

If I were Romney' adviser, I would have him talking a lot more about Obama's failure to take care of veterans. The president and vice president both gabbed a lot about taking care of the troops. Biden called it, "the only truly, sacred obligation we have as a nation--to equip those we send to war and care for them when they come home from war." But soldiers going to war today are more likely to kill themselves when they come home than they are likely to die overseas. Good job, Barry. I can see your taking the care of our veterans seriously.


  1. Hey Michael -
    This is mostly irrelevant to your post, but not quite. Actually, I can tie it in, I can! So, I've been on a facebook/npr fast for the past two months, and will continue to avoid it until after the elections. It's too divisive, depressing, and reading about/hearing so much negativity puts me in a horrible mood. I can't afford to do that; my kids need me to be my happy, best self. I liked this post because I totally agree with everything you have said.

    Here's what I wanted to ask you, though - which is not related - what is your Myers-Briggs personality type? I have a very strong guess, but I want to know. I guess a full-blooded is really fascinating to me to notice patterns in my past/present relationships. Also, I feel confident you would appreciate Myers-Briggs. You would also probably do a fine job critiquing it. And it would be interesting to read about on this blog. I apologize if in the past two years you have written something about it; I have been completely out of the blogosphere since the birth of kid numero duo. Anyway - let me know. I think you have my email address....?

  2. I don't know if you know this either, but since kid duo there has also been a kid trio. Three kids three and under. I asked them to not call me to nursery.