Wednesday, June 29, 2011


I've had two recent, rapidly reoccurring dreams. They're both panic dreams, but I'm panicking about things that have almost no bearing on my life. For example, the first panic dream is that I'm being asked about the specifics of the Catholic dogma ex cathedra. For those interested, it's when the pope speaks with doctrinal infallibility. It doesn't happen very often. But I'm not Catholic, nor have I ever been. Why am I having nightmares about their dogma? I'm not facing catechism or confirmation. I haven't even been watching Cadfael recently. I blame it on Jack White and St. Jerome.

[I just got bit by a spider while writing this. Perhaps a future of spandex and crime fighting awaits.]

The other panic dream is that I'm trying to find my group flute instruction class in the HFAC. The thing is, I know the insides of the HFAC pretty darn well. Also, I've never had any desire to learn to play the flute, nor do I think they teach it in bulk.

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