Friday, April 30, 2010

Stream of Consciousness Summer Cinema 2010

It's that time of year again!  For those who are unfamiliar with my annual film festival, I begin with a film that I've been particularly impressed with.  Then I take an actor, composer, director, etc. from that film and pick another movie he or she is in.  Not all the movies on this list I consider to be good.  In fact, there are some that I've picked expressly because they are so bad.  This goes on for the entire summer.  Here is the tentative list:

The Fountain
Hugh Jackman

X-Men Origins: Wolverine
Liev Schreiber

Everything is Illuminated
Elijah Wood

Alan Arkin

Jakob the Liar (also has Liev Schreiber)
Robin Williams

Fern Gully
Tim Curry

The Hunt for Red October
Courtney B. Vance

The Piano Lesson
Charles S. Dutton

HOUSE: M.D. (Season 2, episode 21 “Euphoria”)
Hugh Laurie

Sense and Sensibility
Emma Thompson

Stranger than Fiction
Maggie Gyllenhaal

The Dark Knight
Morgan Freeman

Million Dollar Baby
Clint Eastwood

Space Cowboys
Tommy Lee Jones

 The Fugitive
Joe Panoliano

Colin Farrel

The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus
Jude Law

Sherlock Holmes
Rachel McAdams

Red Eye
Brian Cox

James Marsden

Amy Adams

Drop Dead Gorgeous
Kirsten Dunst

Jonathon Hyde

King Lear
Ian McKellen



  1. Only have I seen 9 of these films. I watched a Kenny Branaugh film the other night-"Peter's Friends". The cast peaked my interest:
    Emma Thompson, Kenny himself, Hugh Laurie, Stephen Fry, Imelda Staunton.

    I think Ms. Thompson's character in the movie has the best pickup line I've ever heard.

  2. Okay, I just found out that Stephen Fry, Emma Thompson and Hugh Laurie were all college buddies. How cool is that?

  3. Looks great! Have you watched Million Dollar Baby yet? One of my favorites.
    May I just make one suggestion? Do you remember when we watched August Rush together? Remember how awful it was? Well it doesn't hold a candle to the awfulness of Stardust. Don't let anyone talk you into thinking it could be decent, ever. You do NOT want to end your movie festival on one of the worst movies ever made. The only thing that could have made it worse would have been to have Nicholas Cage in it.

  4. I have not seen Million Dollar Baby yet. We can watch that one in Provo. And what's your problem with Stardust? I mean, it's not Scorsese or anything, but I thought it was fun.