Thursday, June 11, 2009

By Any Other Name

This is a free-verse poem I had to write for class:

"By Any Other Name"

I think
it was best for Romeo
to die.
He spared himself a catastrophe
of epiphany.
Could he distinguish between Rosaline
and Juliet,
or were they just two ticks
in the same twitching of the glands?
How tragic to reach the end of life
only to find that he could not see,
and therefore, love
that all women were one
projection of Plato's perfections.
Is it not better to briefly gambol
in the shallows
than drown in the depths?
I am unfair.
Have not all youth
succumbed to capricious
Only from the mad spinning
of the potter’s wheel
can clayish-man take shape
and stand resolute.
Perhaps after Rosaline
and Juliet
and even a Margaret
or Thelma,
he would meet a Mary,
whose gentle grace
would shatter the Platonic.
And her vivid flutter of being
and eyes and heart
would force an impression of
to make him blush
at “Rosaline”
or “Capulet.”

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