Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Roger Ebert Quote du Jour

I took this from Roger Ebert's Blog:

Heidegger: If Ebert could think creatively and analytically (properly) he wouldn't be an unproductive clod or a critic for that matter. Putting a French saying in your emotionally stunted critique of an obviously unpleasant, uncompromising film doesn't prove Ebert's "artsy-critic" cred. Ebert seems to despise art. He's a glut for pop-culture, which by definition rules out anything that is intellectually/emotionally challenging with the slightest bit of depth. That's his job. He speaks for the common man who watches films simply for the escapism and to see "cool stuff" on a big screen.

He makes smart-ass remarks about films like Wild At Heart while saccharine fluff like Transformers is just "goofy fun" ya'll!

If you like to be challenged and enriched by art (on film or any other medium) stop paying attention to this shill for the lowest common denominator, he writes reviews for the same folks that love monster truck shows and actually pay to see Larry the Cable guy live (and not to throw rocks at his hollowed out melon head).

Ebert: I hope you enjoy my reviews when you begin reading them.

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