Tuesday, February 17, 2009


So, I'm going to break with the tradition and NOT mention food as a prominent part of this post.

Hattiesburg is more diverse than I give it credit for. Today at work I spoke four different languages. It started when I was signing in with the secretary. She said, "I hear you can speak German."

"Ja, ich habe gehört, dass Sie auch Deutsch sprechen können." Then I defended my bad German by saying it was "viel zu schwer," plus I'd just learned Chinese, so I'd naturally forgotten a ton of German.

Then in class, the kids wanted to know what I studied, so I told them Linguistics. Then they asked what languages I spoke. I started out with Chinese, but they wouldn't let me continue, because there was a Ruby Liang in the class, and they insisted that I talk to her in Chinese. So I did. She was terrified.

Then one student said, "Puedo hablo Español."

I said, "Yo puedo hablar Español tambien." Then there was a Mexican girl who went nuts.

This post sounds kind of self-celebrating up to this point. Apologies. It was all way basic stuff.

4th/5th grade Art is a nightmare for classroom management. When I'm actually teaching, it's okay. I think I'm pretty dynamic in a teaching setting. But when it's time for them to do stuff on their own, it is so hard to keep the peace.


I made my first pot (of many) of red beans and rice the other day! It was awesome.

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